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Welcome to Tenott- to the world of bright interior design and incredible incarnations of creative ideas! We are looking for, studying and delivering to the market the most unique and promising materials. At Tenott 3D Wall’s, proudly serving all of India, we are constantly devoting time and resources to improving the presentation of our design services, the quality of our in-state manufacturing processes, and evolving our catalog to reflect the latest textured patterns and styles. Years of experimentation and experience have refined our focus on High-Performance Gypsum, Concrete-Design, wood, as the materials that provide outstanding finished products.

Our main priority is QUALITY. The main principle is the quality of the entire Tenott . From the first stage of what we are doing, to the next stage - exactly how we do it.

Tenott 3D Walls exists for builders, contractors, interior designers, retailers and homeowners visualizing the potential of their space and searching for a design solution. Through soothing colors and rich textures, we create and deliver simply the best aesthetic personality for their cool homes, offices and commercial spaces. Our modular walls have been designed to be easily installed in any commercial or residential application, enhance the decorative sophistication of any interior wall with the High-Performance 3D panels, or give new life to any exterior wall with our Design sculptural wall tiles. All of our 3D wall panels are manufactured from the highest quality Polymers. Most panels are supplied in 2ftx2ft size.

Tenott 3D Wall panels is an innovative and unusual wall covering possessing a number of advantages: eco-friendly, soundproof & rigid absolute incombustible (Fire proof), Seamless & easy installation, service life of 100+years, easy to repair can be painted with any wall paints, to super duco finishes. Tenott 3d Wall panels have no chemical additives, like pvc etc, consequently there is no allergy and harm to health.

We Also offer the very best quality carved totally unique highly detailed one of a kind Wooden Sculptures,Wooden Ornaments,Wooden Art, Wooden Statues, Wooden Carvings. Each of our beautiful carved pieces are made from ethically sourced wood and are of the very highest quality.

From the Ancient days to the Middle Ages to the Victorian era, masters of decorative and Wood carving applied their skill toward carving items of great, rare, and unique beauty for royalty, the nobility and other highborn households. Wooden Decor sometimes known as Rich Architecture, Rich woods of cherry, red oak, maple and other hardwoods carved into elaborate shapes gave an unique show of opulence that even modern homes do not have.

 Skillfully worked on Wood carving in a variety of hardwoods, each of our wood carvings are finely detailed and representative of pieces seen in historic settings. They arrive to you Finished in different Finishes. Offered in a grand assortment of shapes and sizes, our beautiful wood carvings are an astounding departure from the ordinary.

There is a lots of examples of wood carving for your home.

Depending on the size, our Wood carvings can be installed on walls, fireplace, interior doors, adding a touch of luxury to any surface. If you think of Wooden Carvings as jewelry, you’ll quickly get the idea that these embellishments can go anywhere. You will be amazed at how a few small, carved pieces of wood carved Decor can completely transform a home. This reveals how even the smallest details can have a huge impact on an area.

 We can do work in any dimension Shape and Size.

We take Custom Orders Also

Please take time to look at our current stock which will be constantly updated with new unique one of a kind pieces on a regular basis. We hope you are happy with your purchase and get as much enjoyment out of these unique items as we do.

Thankyou for looking and shopping with us at Tenott.com.

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