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Tenott 3d walls, is an innovative design company offering a full range of styles focused on developing dynamic interior/exterior environments, on both the commercial and residential levels. From our designers to our industry experts, we reimagine the hidden potential of spaces through the ingenious introduction of 3d wall panels.

Our designers and architects blend the fine craftsmanship of traditional woodworking with modern technology to create inspired modular wall tiles. Making it an affordable, convenient option that adds luxury and elegance in changing a room.

We also offer the very best quality carved totally unique highly detailed one of a kind Wooden Sculptures,Wooden Ornaments,Wooden Art, Wooden Statues. Each of our beautiful carved pieces are made from ethically sourced wood and are of the very highest quality.

Please take time to look at our current stock which will be constantly updated with new unique one of a kind pieces on a regular basis. We hope you are happy with your purchase and get as much enjoyment out of these unique items as we do.

Thank you for looking and shopping with us at Tenott.com. Where The Beauty Of Wall Is Enhanced..

Contact Info : Sales.tenott@gmail.com

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